Grapples & Grabs

Intermercato log grabs TG Ultra

Log grabs
TG Ultra

Log grab for timber cranes in its own league

By using the latest material in SSABs developement of high tensile wear resistant steel, Strenx 900 we have managed to combine low weight with unmatchable strength.

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Intermercato log grabs TG standard

Log grabs
TG Standard

The grab with optimal roll in- roll out properties

The robust design allows heavy lifts and the double guide bars gives increased stability.

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Intermercato log grapples TG heavy duty

Log grapples
TG Heavy Duty

Our most popular grab designed for the tough job

Heavy Duty in its true sense! The robust body in excavator design for rigid mounting makes this grab a versatile tool for intense and heavy applications.

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Intermercato log grabs Log-Bite HD

Log grabs
Log-Bite HD

Versatile log grapple for single logs aswell as for pulp wood.

Completely made of Swedish steel Hardox 400.
Can be delivered complete with Indexator renowned GV or XR rotators.

Intermercato forest residue grabs TG SR

Forest residue grabs

Forest residue grab, ideal for feeding chippers

Available with 3 or 4 claws and is used for all sorts of wood waste.
The larger models are so robust, they’re suitable for rigid mounting on excavator.

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Intermercato Universal grabs TG SR

Universal grabs

The 5- or 7 claw all-round tool from Intermercato

Only your imagination sets the limits of this extremely versatile grab.
It’s popularity speaks for itself.
The TG SR is so robust, it’s suitable for rigid mounting on excavator.

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Intermercato Universal grabs TG UG

Universal grabs

Everything from log- and stone handling to recycling

Intermercato TG UG is a true all-round tool.
It's lighter and has smaller distance between the claws than the GX.
TG UG handles logs just as well as household- and industrial waste.

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Intermercato Universal grabs GX

Universal grabs

The original and bestseller from Intermercato

Our close to indestructible universal grab "cleaned up after the storm Gudrun" and has ever since been frequently copied. Intermercato GX is truly convincing with its extremely robust design and powerful claws.
Can be equipped with a saw cassette.

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Intermercato Light sorting grabs TG EG

Light sorting grabs

For sorting and lighter demolition work

Intermercatos stone- & sorting grab has an unusually robust design for being categorized as light-weight.
You basically get a lot of grab for value!
Size range to fit excavators from 1 up to 32 tm.

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Intermercato demolition grabs TG DG

Demolition grabs

LOTS of steel!

Intermercato’s heavy duty TG DG is an incredibly robust demolition grab, designed with many laths and lots of steel.
This, in combination with a carefully tested geometry and oversized cylinder makes it almost indestructable.

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Intermercato Multigrab TG MP


Sorting, digging, tearing - a true multi tool!

Extremely robust multigrab that combines the characteristics of a demolition/sorting grab and a clamshell bucket.
The carefully tested geometry and oversized cylinder gives a grab with outstanding gripping force.

Intermercato Pole grabs TG PG

Pole grabs

For safe handling of poles and pipes

Intermercato's pole grab is extra wide and the inside of the claws have an interchangeable bolt-on surface layer made of PU for extra gentle handling.
Perfectly suitable under worm drive of tilt rotator.

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Intermercato Stone grabs TG ST

Stone grabs

One of our oldest products - a faithful servant!

Grapple for all sorts of paving work.
3 claws makes handling of natural stone a piece of cake!

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