Wireless crane scale
Compact FM - Patented


Easily mounted between grab and rotator, no moving parts, minimal maintenance.
Chemical nickeling finish for optimal corrosion protection. 8 strain gagues, gyro and accelerometer for best possible accuracy.
Re-chargeable with normal USB charger.

  • Measuring range
  • FM 5: 5000 kg, FM 7: 7000 kg
  • Extremely low built design
  • Patented
  • No moving parts for a long lifetime and minimal maintenance
  • Made to fit all standard log grapples. Special design FM 7 for hole pattern c/c 203
  • Easy installation. Delivered pre-calibrated – ”plug-and-play”
  • High resolution load cell. Several strain gauges for unmatched accuracy
  • Integrated motion control
  • Wireless
  • Rechargeable battery (700 crane hours between charging) and built-in electronics
  • Long range radio
  • User interface: Flexible Android app comes pre-installed in a rugged IP 67 Android smartphone or tablet. A more simple app only for overload control is also available
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forestry transport recycling