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Intermercato universal buckets TGO

Universal buckets

The bestseller TGO - Lot of bucket for your money!

Our open clamshell bucket with optional side plates is an all-round tool in its truest sense.
The carefully tested, extremely robust design with shafts through the whole width of the body makes the TGO very durable and torsionally rigid.

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Intermercato volume grabs TVG

Volume grabs

Extremely robust and torsionally rigid volume grab

TVG volume grab for cargo cranes and recycling cranes is equipped with a powerful cylinder for very high gripping force.
The body has the same width as the buckets which makes it extra torsionally rigid.

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Intermercato volume grabs TCB HD

Volume grabs

Extremely strong volume grab for excavators

The heavy duty volume grab from Intermercato has the same body as our DG demolition grabs and is available in 560-1300 l.
Oversized dimensions for heavy duty jobs. Special clamshell width on request.

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Intermercato clamshell buckets TCB

Clamshell buckets

Clamshell bucket for digging, loading and unloading

Very strong clamshell bucket for tough jobs using a cargo crane.
It’s so robust that it can also be used for digging.
Available in many sizes, also in a low-weight range for lighter applications.

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Intermercato clamshell buckets TMC & TMC-O

Clamshell buckets

The small clamshell bucket for big jobs!

Intermercato TMC clamshell bucket for lifting and loading loose material is, despite its low weight, very robust.
TMC is low built to fit even the smallest cranes.
TMC-O is an open version and TMC-D is for digging ditches.

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Intermercato Mini clamshell buckets TGS

Mini clamshell buckets

Light and agile mini clamshell bucket

Intermercato TGS lifts and loads loose material but can also be used for digging ditches.
Low weight and high fill rate makes the TGS an optimal tool for ATV lorries, mini forwarders and mini cranes.

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